Works-In-Progress, March 29th

While we have been working hard to get Boneshaker Press up and running, we have also been creating our illustrations for our collaborative art book!

Each of us has chosen a type of creature or spirit to illustrate. Some of us have started with character design sheets and played with silhouettes and shape language. Some have plunged right into the thumbnailing process, and others have begun with studies and sketches to get comfortable with our chosen subjects.

We’ve all been creatively exploring and brainstorming on how best to show our creatures, so we thought we’d share a bit of the preliminary work!

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We Are Boneshaker Press

FBprofilepictureWe are artists. We are artist collaborators. We are part-timers and full-timers, freelancers and non-freelancers, students, specialists and jacks-of-all-trades. We are perfectionists, amateurs and professionals, and dreamers. Mostly dreamers.

We come from backgrounds in comics and children’s literature and imaginative realism; illustration and traditional painting and graphic design – and all of us love visual storytelling.

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