Project Milestones

Go through our journey toward a kickstarted artbook step by step !

March 30

  • Launched Website!

March 29

  • Design team taken off hold, assigned postcard/marketing materials. SORRY!

March 23

  • Kickstarter and Design teams put on hold so that we can focus on making art.

March 21

  • Additional FAQ produced. I think we might have more people writing FAQs than reading them.

March 20

  • Rough draft for the first blog post. Awesome, but too long. Edited for length. Lost some of the awesome, still too long. Edited a third time?

March 18

  •  Internal FAQ produced. March 17 – Printer quotes review #2, narrowed down to one candidate, and one unknown.
  •  Decided on final layout for the book. Looks great!

March 14

  • Got started (it’s okay, we still have this one!)

March 11 

  • Review Gantt graph, thankful that someone else took the time to build it.

March 8

  • Deadline for website decided, we launch Mar 29th

March 7 

  •   Boneshaker Press logo. Landslide victory through a succesful poll (never give up)!

March 6 

  • Produced a powerpoint to deliver critical information to the entire team.

March 3

  • Officially incorporated!
  • Decided on a core goal for boneshaker press: helping fellow artists


Feb 28

  • Start talking about the future of Boneshaker Press after the book

Feb 27

  • Put out a call for submissions of Boneshaker Press logo.
  • Review printer quotes, find prices are higher than anticipated.

Feb 25 

  • Call for bio for the website member page
  •  Layout review #2, Design team has out done themselves.

Feb 24

  •  Put out call for blog post ideas.
  •  Form Kickstarter team, collapse Editorial team into Content team.
  •  Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts created

Feb 23

  •  New Go To person for the Marketing team to fill void. Need to change .com ownership, can’t.
  •  New Go To person for the Finance team to fill void. Savior voluntold to take position.

Feb 20

  • Began surveying all those involved in Boneshaker Project. Or sent surveys. Am still unclear.
  •  Learned to Doodle. Found it very helpful
  •  Nailed down specifics for formating of finished pieces. Looking forward to all the art that is sure to appear immediately as a result. Wait a month.
  •  Decided to form our own LLC as per the advice of our savior.
  •  Opt to set an entrance fee for the book to cover costs.
  •  Built a Gantter to figure out how in a rush we are : date for kickstarter tentatively set for August-September

Feb 18

  •  Reviewed page layout submissions, designers then exited meeting, leaving all non designers to make decisions. Decisions subsequently… “reviewed”
  •  Realized that everyone had made different assumptions regarding the constraints of the book and submission process. Endeavored to clarify.
  •   Member that purchased domain had to leave the project, taking domain with him.

Feb 11

  •  Decided on a team name (googled first this time) we are Boneshaker Press!
  •  Decided that our end goal is a print run funded by Kickstarter pledges
  •  Decided to make a blog about everything we’re currently learning.
  •  Decided to incorporate (again, without knowing how)
  •  Tasked Design team with page layout templates and logo designs
  •  Talked about color proofing and how no one will be doing it for you so you better figure it out and quick.
  •  Member bought domain
  •  Discovered that one of our team members is business expert. Saved!

Feb 10

  •  Researched free project management platforms, found that what we were using was as good as anything else available. Disappointed by the lack of a “make an artbook” button.

Feb 9

  •  Googled “”, found porn. Crushed (but not that surprised).
  • Took a poll (this was a hard lesson for us to learn, okay?) on Hardcover vs Softcover. Shocked to find Softcover the winner.
  • Discussed incorporating, realized only one of us had any clue what that entailed, did what he told us to do.

Feb 8 

  • Selected “Gatefold Studio” as a Team name. Excitement abounds!

Feb 7 

  • Produced an organizational chart to make us feel important. Assigned Go To’s for each team. Expect that this will greatly reduce pressure on communication and scheduling team. Will later discover that is wrong.


Jan 30

  • Collected and organized volunteers into 7 teams (Communication, Scheduling, Finance, Editorial, Design, Content, and Marketing).
  • Decisions made. Final art due on May 1st, and the book will be wider than it is tall. Must rest now.

Jan 27

  •  Took another poll and decided on a theme: Creatures and Spirits!
  •  Found out there’s already an artbook literally called Creatures and Spirits. Slightly dismayed, but unwilling to run more polls.

Jan 12

  •  Narrowed down our choices to an artbook, but we’re not sure of the topic yet

Jan 11 

  • We took a poll to try to decide what to do… it went poorly.

Jan 10

  • Kira has asked if we will join her on a “project” (so blame her)