We Are Boneshaker Press

FBprofilepictureWe are artists. We are artist collaborators. We are part-timers and full-timers, freelancers and non-freelancers, students, specialists and jacks-of-all-trades. We are perfectionists, amateurs and professionals, and dreamers. Mostly dreamers.

We come from backgrounds in comics and children’s literature and imaginative realism; illustration and traditional painting and graphic design – and all of us love visual storytelling.

We are a group of creators who discovered each other via serendipity and enthusiasm, who have bonded together against all odds with the goal of creating something greater than the sum of its parts. Today, that means a collaborative art book. Tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow is even more promising. There has already been a lot of discussion about Boneshaker Press publishing future art books, both collaborative ones, like this first book, and also individual works that we have in the works. The possibility for us to come together in various combinations, even, and create new art projects and books is incredibly thrilling! There is such a feeling of momentum and motivation already, and this collaborative art book is a great beginning!

We have two main objectives with this book. To begin with, we are delighted to showcase the variety of talents among our merry band. All of the artists contributing to the book are extremely passionate and driven in their work and being able to exhibit so many artists in one place is very exciting. Secondly, we are greatly invested in contributing positively to the dialogue around art making, what it means to be an artist, and, perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t mean to be an artist.

For this book, each artist has chosen a myth, fairytale, or imaginary creature as their feature in the book and is bringing it to life with their own unique vision. Some have chosen well-loved creatures, some have found fascinating and obscure myths, and some have even decided to create their own original creature. This book is as much concerned with beings of myth, folklore, elemental spiritualism, and fae as it is with the mythology of the artist’s life.

Every one of our creators aims to invite readers into their world, their approach, their need to create. This invitation isn’t geared towards a discussion of technique, materials, rendering, or any great secret formula for success. We discuss what needs discussing: the deeper struggle; the conflict between art-making and survival; the sensitivities and insensitivities; the choices we make, artistically and practically; how we think, how we thrive, the sometimes, criminal misconceptions of what we do and how we do it.

We wanted to showcase these discussions, both within our group, but also with other artists, creative people, and those interested in the creative process. In this way we hope to provide valuable insight, clarify and inspire, and end destructive misconceptions. We are so excited for the formation of this group of artists, each with their own thread of skills, interests, styles and ideas, coming together and forming a network that is capable of creating so much more than any of us alone could have.

It’s our hope that this network will strengthen and grow, become a nexus for more creativity and new work. We would love to see this network inspiring and helping more artists and drawing more creatives together.

If we can reach even one person, help them realize they’re not alone, that it’s not impossible, that there is a discernible path forward, then we’ve succeeded.

We are Boneshaker Press.

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