Works-In-Progress, April 14th

While we’ve been working hard to get Boneshaker Press up and running, we’ve also been creating illustrations for our collaborative art book! We wanted to share a few of our sketches and other preliminary work, so here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been working on. It’s so exciting to see the different directions everyone is taking!

For her painting of a faun, Cassandra has been researching Greek mythology about Pan and his lovers—Melinoe and Anthousa, why he wears a crown of dandelions, and why he remains between the realms of life and death. While studying the symbolism in myths and stories of Pan, she has also been sketching ideas for character design.

David has been hard at work testing various designs for a bridge troll. His son’s love of dinosaurs has inspired the use of a triceratops as a visual theme, and now it’s just a matter of pushing the forms until he settles on something he likes.

Jeszika has been working on painting an illustration of a sphinx. She wanted to base her design on the delicate forms of hairless cats, so she started with a few sketches of hairless cats. She also worked on designing the sphinx as well as creating the environment by exploring the composition and colors.

Garrett has chosen to do an illustration of Baba Yaga and to begin with he has explored the shape language of trees to build his environment. He also worked on drawing the character and designing her portrait and clothing.

Kristen chose to base her illustration on an owl and began by thumbnailing the composition and building the value foundation for her piece. After that she moved on to the line drawing to clarify her composition and then explored color options.


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