Works-In-Progress, May 18th

Here is some more beautiful process work created for our upcoming book! While the illustrations themselves are finished now, we thought we would continue to share the great Work in Progress steps these artists have created. And if you think that these WIPs look like they are going to turn into great illustrations, you’re right!

Having settled on a composition, Evan has been working on designing the color and atmosphere of his illustration. He’s also been experimenting with the light source and how it enhances the image to create the right mood and move the eye effectively through the piece.

A few weeks ago, we saw the beginning of David’s creature design work for his troll. After designing the character, he moved to thumbnailing the composition to best illustrate his bridge troll doing what trolls do best. Then, with the composition decided, he moved on to value studies to begin to figure out how he wanted to light the scene and create the right atmosphere and visual impact.

Garrett, having already done work on the shape language of the trees and witch, took those designs and drew his character in action for the illustration. He also spent time developing thumbnails for the composition and created a more thorough black and white version of the painting before experimenting with color for the final illustration.

Lisa focused on the design of her human and creature characters. She experimented with many designs for the face of her creature to not only showcase the fish like qualities but capture the personality she wanted for her image.

Sydni’s illustration depicts a wood spirit from an Iroko tree that was chopped down and used to build a bookshelf. Initially she focused on sketching the sprite and finding the right design and personality for her character. Then she moved to thumbnailing, looking for the best way to showcase the scene with a great composition.


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