One-on-One with Jeszika Le Vye

You can view Jeszika’s official website here. Also, she has several social media sites where you can connect with her as well: instagramfacebooktwitter and tumblr

What’s your background?

I have been an oil painter for about 15 years—off and on. In the process I also joined and left the Air Force, lived homeless, got a chemistry degree and spent months locked in mental hospitals. I got a high school diploma, despite being homeless and was one of the first student employees for Youth on Their Own. I’ve lived in or at least hitchhiked through almost every state in the U.S. I learned to play Spades ruthlessly from Navy Vets in a V.A. Hospital in Mobile, Alabama and saw firsthand the dangers of not dealing with my PTSD. While I have come to regret much of the time I lost over the years, I also feel that so much of my content and drive to create is from my experiences—both positive and negative.

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One-on-One with Linda Lithén

Today Boneshaker Press presents you Linda Lithén. Situated in the city of Skutskär in Sweden, You can reach Linda in DeviantArtTwitter or via her website.

What’s your background?

I have been drawing my whole life and grew up with a fondness for reading and, thanks to my tech interested father, an interest in PC games. When the time came to apply for a gymnasium program (that’s 10th to 12th grade in the Swedish school system and has nothing to do with gym class) I chose one with a focus on art. Through it I tried sculpting, traditional painting, abstract art, film and traditional photography, so it wasn’t an in depth art education. After that I attended a college program in game development and, once again, got to do a bit of everything with no real in depth classes. We were given the tools and the introduction classes, and then left to develop on our own. So, I spent most of my spare time holed up in my apartment, painting. During those years I realised that I was much more interested in illustration than concept art, so that’s what I have been studying on my own since graduation.

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Art Tests and Opportunists

It’s taking great force of will for me not to name the company which just attempted to subject me to a seven-day long art test in order to work for them in a 100% unpaid capacity.

Great, great force of will.

I’m no proponent of accepting unpaid work. You should always be paid for your work. Arguments can be made regarding taking profit-sharing promises or what have you in lieu of actual pay, but I’m not going to comment on that just now.

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One-on-One with Lisa Lindsay

Boneshaker Press is proud to introduce you to Lisa Lindsay. You can connect with this avid learner on her website and through social medias such as (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube) by following “@LisaLindsayArt”.

What’s your background?

I am a freelance video game artist/illustrator from Edmonton, Alberta. I went to the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2008 and got a Game Art and Design diploma. I have taken some fundamental art classes at Alberta College of Art and Design (2012) and lately I have been taking online mentorship classes (mainly at the Oatley Academy).

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How to Get Better Without Drawing

What makes an artist better without the daily practice of drawing or painting? Is this something you think about? As creators, we always try to find that new tutorial, article, book, or even a blog post that will help improve our work. In the digital age, opportunities are endless with search results at our fingertips.

In the following post, I’ll share what I have learned from asking artists inside and outside of Boneshaker Press with the end goal to teach and inspire fellow creators to try new tips and tricks to advance their work.

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One-on-One with Kristen Schwartz

Today, Boneshaker Press is proud to introduce you to Kristen Schwartz. Kristen is pursuing an illustration career in children’s publishing. You can read about her journey in her Children’s Publishing Blog and contact her though her website, Twitter and Facebook page.

What’s your background?

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and book designer. I studied to be an illustrator/graphic designer in advertising and had the unfortunate timing of getting my degree about 5 years before computers changed everything. My workflow became obsolete. Thankfully I worked for a software company in the early 80s and computers were already a big part of my life.

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Capture the Beast

One-on-One with Matthew Gilson

Today’s Boneshaker Press interviewee is Matthew Gilson. You can find Matt’s portfolio and contact information at his website.

What’s your background?

My story started when I was about 20. Over the last 8 years everything has been a non-stop ride of learning. However, that’s what I live for. I am always curious to question and observe what is in front of me.

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Beer Dwarf

One-on-One with André Meister

Meet André Meister in today’s Boneshaker Press interview! You can find André’s portfolio and contact information at his website.

What’s your background?

I never was any sort of prodigy or anything, but I was always involved in the arts. I acted in plays, sang in bands, and even danced a little. The real love for drawing came when I was twelve. I used to draw everything with my friends who shared a love for the stories from the anime we watched. I also loved playing with G.I. Joe toys which later became characters in fanzines I created for myself.

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Lounge Monkey

One-on-One With Dominick Carachilo

Get inspired by this highly passionate artist : Dominick Carachilo. You can contact Dominick though his website, follow him on  Instagram, and see his weekly fun posts on Twitter.

What’s your background?

I am a freelance artist and designer currently living in Austin, Texas. I graduated from Penn State with a Degree in Art with a focus on digital media. I studied engineering for the first 2 years of college but changed my major after I realized I was spending all of my time drawing and painting. Since graduating I have worked as a bartender, stained decks, worked as a graphic designer, and taught graphics and printing. All of these jobs helped to support me while I improved my art and worked to get better at the business of art.

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