Boneshaker High Five #1

Each month Boneshaker Press will bring you a list of 5 things we love. Some entries will be obvious, some obscure, but every product that appears on the Boneshaker High Five will be something that at least one of our members recommends.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We have no ties to any of the companies or products listed here, but if that ever changes, we’ll let you know.

Take a look, and if you’ve got questions, or recommendations of your own, drop us a line in the comments!

Adobe Photoshop - one of the most popular pieces of software for digital artists!

Adobe Photoshop—Going to get this one out of the way right off the bat. You don’t have to use Photoshop to be a digital artist, but I don’t know any digital artists that aren’t at the very least familiar with it, and most rely on it over any other piece of software. If you’re new, PS can be pretty overwhelming. However because it’s so popular you should have no trouble finding dozens, if not hundreds, of in depth tutorials from artists of all stripes. The only downside in my mind is the price. It can be as low as $10US a month, but there’s no way to get around the subscription price. Compared to my second favorite program which is often on sale for around $25 with no subscription beyond that, $10 a month adds up really quick.

Col-Erase Pencils - great drawing implements!

Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils—Soft without being too smudgy, with lovely vibrant color, Col-Erase pencils are my drawing implement of choice. I love them more than traditional graphite pencils, and I was resistant to using anything other than graphite for years and years. Scarlet Red and Carmine Red are generally soft, pleasant to use and fairly easy to erase (as long as you don’t press too hard). Non-Photo Blue seems like another popular choice, but this color has been very difficult for me to use well; it sports an extremely hard blue lead that doesn’t build up much value. I like to pair Col-Erase with regular pencils for finished graphite work, and the result is a unique layered look.

How to Draw Manga: Bodies and Anatomy: a great drawing reference book!

How-to-Draw-Manga Bodies and Anatomy—I was happily introduced to drawing anatomy with this book. I found it easy to read for a beginner but still relevant and useful even for drawing in a non-manga style. Some of the other books in the collection are also pretty nice but this one is my favorite. They even took the time to build fun facts and little jokes into the book to keep the pacing light and engaging!

JetPens: A giant, online, stationery store that caters specifically to artists!

JetPens—We’ll cover individual items down the road, but I wanted to put this amazing site on your radar right away. It’s a giant, online, stationery store that caters specifically to artists. If you like to make your art traditionally, you need to check them out!

Handy: A great artist's reference tool!

Handy—Handy gives you a set of 3d modeled hands (male or female) in various poses and then allows you to position them however you like. I picked this little app up years ago and it’s saved my bacon numerous times since. Even better, it’s been updated to include feet, a variety of head models, and an optional (read: costs extra) set of animal skulls. Great for figuring out awkward poses when you’re stuck, or for use as reference material to study from.

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Prismacolor Col-Erase 24 pack assorted colors

Prismacolor Col-Erase 12 pack of Carmine Red

Prismacolor Col-Erase 12 pack of Scarlet Red

How to Draw Manga: Bodies & Anatomy

3 thoughts on “Boneshaker High Five #1

  1. sue clancy

    I was loyal to the Col-erase non-photo blue back when I was a regular editorial cartoonist – as I could sketch something, ink over it and the blue lines really and truly didn’t photo/scan. But I didn’t “build up” much with the blue in this instance… later when I did want to “build up” with the blue I switched to Prismacolor non-photo blue. It wasn’t as “erasable” tho….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kira Slaght

      Col-erase pencil is awesome with ink! I often try to build up a little range of values when I use my red pencil, and it works pretty well. Like you mentioned, a different pencil is definitely the way to go if you want deeper values, but I just love how erasable Col-Erase is… I guess I am a bit stubborn! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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