Introducing the Boneshaker Art Group!

Hey Shakers! Lots of stuff to catch you up on, but before we get any further I want to take a moment to congratulate Magali Mebsout and Hiraga Ruben, winners of our first Boneshaker Art Group contest!

What’s the Boneshaker Art Group, you ask? It’s a Facebook group that we created as a space to push ourselves, and anyone who’d like to join us, through a variety of creative challenges. Challenges are designed as a set, and culminate in a finished portfolio piece. Once you’ve finished your challenge, you’re welcome to submit it to the Art Group contest for that set. Winners are invited to a live google hangout in which at least 3 Boneshaker Press members will offer critique and paint-overs of the work submitted.

Watch a video critique of these entries!

Last weekend, Evan Winston, Jeszika Le Vye, and David Joyce spent Sunday morning critiquing Magali and Hiraga’s entries, and providing paint-overs of the work.

Next up for the Art Group is a 6 week series on Bio-Luminescence. We’ve started off with a week spent thumbnailing and ideating, and today we’re moving on to material studies with a focus on soft (nay, bio-luminescent) lighting. And don’t worry if you’ve missed some, or all, of the challenges. You’re still welcome to produce a piece and enter it into the contest!

To give you an idea of what to expect from the challenges, here’s a quick look at some of the work produced for our previous challenges from June 2016.

First week: 3+ distinct bone textures – consider smooth healthy bone, porous bone, and diseased, weathered, broken, and healed bone.

Second week: This week is focusing on skulls! You can paint human skulls from different angles – or you can paint several different animal skulls – or any combination thereof.

Third week: Try painting thumbnails of landscapes that feature bones prominently.

Fourth week: Create a character or prop design that features or utilizes bones prominently.

If you’d like to come together with a great group of artists and push yourself to new heights, join us in the Boneshaker Art Group!

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