Boneshaker High Five #3

Each month Boneshaker Press will bring you a list of 5 things we love. Some entries will be obvious, some obscure, but every product that appears on the Boneshaker High Five will be something that at least one of our members recommends.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We have no ties to any of the companies or products listed here, and if that ever changes we’ll let you know, but we do have Amazon Associate links at the bottom of this page. Check out Amazon’s Associate program here.



If you’re a Windows user you have probably spent a fair amount of time lamenting the fact that PSD’s do not display thumbnails, nor previews, in Windows File Explorer.

LAMENT NO MORE! The fine folks at CherubicSoft have solved this problem and offer their solution for FREE. Simply follow the link, hit download (I had to then click the direct link option) and install SageThumbs.

  • Once installed right click on a file in file explorer > then SageThumbs > SageThumbs Options…
  • In the options menu select “Prefer image file embedded thumbnails” and set “Maximum size of image file” to whatever size you need (I went with 2000 MB).
  • After that you may need to hit “Clear…” in the bottom left to clear the old thumbnail images from your cache.

From now on you should see both thumbnails, and previews, of your PSD’s and a whole host of other file types previously unavailable.


Art Models 8

Practical Poses for the Working Artist from Live Model Books is part of a great series of books that I just can’t recommend enough. These art model books come with a CD that has the full 360 degree rotation set of photos of the poses shown in the book, offering a lot more versatility in terms of finding a reference from a angle that corresponds to the artwork you may be working on.

I’ve saved so much time on reference hunting since I invested in volume 6-8 in this series, rather than scouring the net or awkwardly fiddling with my own camera, I can just crack open the book and find a pose where the model is bending their neck or arm in roughly the way I might need, then look up the pose’s code to find the full photoset in the folder where I’ve stored everything from the three CDs. Just from these three books, I have currently a library of about 460 poses, so more often than not, I find what I need (Just make sure you get the book with the CD, they have versions with no CD included, usually they are the cheaper ones).


Ctrl + Paint

You want foundational art school knowledge for FREE? Here it is. This is the website I direct people to who are looking to either learn foundational art principles or learn to digital paint because this site has a bunch of free videos/ exercises on those topics. Ctrl + Paint has some premium video collections for purchase, which I have not purchased, so I’ll just say if you get through the 200+ videos and you want more, then you might want to check them out (and if you do I would love to hear what you thought).


Uni-ball Signo Broad Point White Gel Impact Pen

Highly opaque white ink, almost equal to what you get from whiteout, but in gel pen form. More often than not I use these pens to pick out highlights on a toned surface, or give emphasis to a drawing by laying down a bright white outline around figures or other important elements. They function similar to whiteout pens, however they’re far easier to control, and produce a much thinner line. If you do a lot of traditional artwork, especially if your focus is on ink over pencil, you’ll find these to be an indispensable addition to your toolkit.


Tombow Mono Zero Eraser – 2.3 mm

For those traditional artists whose focus is pencil I highly recommend the Tombow eraser. Designed much like a mechanical pencil, these erasers are incredibly thin, allowing you to be precise when cleaning up images, making alterations to your linework, or picking out highlights. I can’t imagine drawing without it!

Amazon Affiliate Links

Art Models 8

Uni-Ball Signo White

Tombow Mono Eraser


2 thoughts on “Boneshaker High Five #3

  1. Kira Slaght

    I have purchased a bunch of Ctrl-Paint’s premium store items, and I think they’re great! You get roughly an hour of video, some example images and usually worksheets/assignments for $10 USD. Some of the paid content centers around fundamental skills (basic rendering in Photoshop, sketching digitally), while a few others are intended as a workshop or springboard for your own portfolio pieces (iconography for video games, designing monsters for video games, etc.).

    All of the products I purchased are well produced and in-depth, but still succinct. If you are interested in delving into a topic more deeply or are looking for a guide as you create new portfolio pieces, give some of the premium videos a shot. Though the ever-growing free library might keep you busy for a very long time! 🙂

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