Inktober at Boneshaker Press

Every October, tons of artists take part in the Inktober challenge. The rules are as follows: make an ink drawing every day, post it online, and hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016.  The challenge intends to foster positive, consistent drawing habits and is just plain fun! See what some of our artists are creating.

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Boneshaker High Five #4

Each month Boneshaker Press will bring you a list of 5 things we love. Some entries will be obvious, some obscure, but everything that appears on the Boneshaker High Five will be something that at least one of our members recommends.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We have no ties to any of the companies or products listed here, and if that ever changes we’ll let you know, but we do have Amazon Associate links at the bottom of this page. Check out Amazon’s Associate program here.

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