Inktober at Boneshaker Press

Every October, tons of artists take part in the Inktober challenge. The rules are as follows: make an ink drawing every day, post it online, and hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016.  The challenge intends to foster positive, consistent drawing habits and is just plain fun! See what some of our artists are creating.

Sara Burke’s submissions feature wonderful characters with the occasional stunning pop of color.


Melissa Dow is delivering delightfully spooky drawings with the theme “Creepy Estate Sale.”


Ryan James is bringing us stylish fan art and original characters in each submission.


David Joyce is following the Inktober 2016 prompt list and each submission is clean, confident, and features a variety of techniques.


Sydni Kruger is paying tribute to a variety of her favorite stories with delicate, flowing linework.


Cassandra Mazur is focusing on beautiful, Halloween themed characters.


Garrett McGill brings us strikingly bold and ambitious comic panels each submission.


Kira Slaght is experimenting with ink wash techniques and delicate linework.


Karlen Tam chronicles the charming story of the globetrotting Cat and Dog.


Evan Winston’s submissions feature elegant, expressive linework.


Are you participating in Inktober? Let us know how it is going!

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