Encounters with the Imaginary vol 2 is on kickstarter

Encounters with the Imaginary vol 2 is now on kickstarter!  This book is an illustration and creative writing anthology inspired by the imaginary—from beloved myths, legends and folktales to new creatures and stories! The result is a fantastic body of work from each artist, created specifically for this volume.

Like last year’s Vol. 1, Encounters with the Imaginary Vol. 2 is a 12″ x 9″ perfect bound soft cover—so the books make a nice matching set! From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a book that would be a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at—so we have taken care to select good materials and a local printer to ensure this is a book you will love spending time with.

Coral Bloomsthe_book

Among the artists, half are returning from last year’s volume …

from left to right :  Dominick Angelo, Matthew Thomas Gilson, Ryan James, Nick Jizba, Jeszika Le Vye, Cassandra Mazur, Garrett McGill, Magali Mebsout, Kira Night, Karlen Tam, Evan Winston

 … and half are new artist jumping into the adventure:

from left to right :  Manuel Aquino, Juan Francisco Bautista, Sebastian Becker, Maxwell Crabill, Nyra Drakae, Casey LaRae Gustafson, Antoine Dupont Issalys, Katherine Rasmussen, Sarah Ricketts, Ian Rosenthaler, Cesar Vergara

Each of these 22 artists contributed an original short story or poem and a series of illustrations depicting an imaginary creature of their choice, some artists even doing two complete series!

Here is a peak at the illustrations found in this year’s volume:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If this gallery of work intrigues you, get a copy of the book at our kickstarter you will discover all the stories behind these creatures !

You’ll find there that there is more to get than just the book since we already unlocked stretch goals with enamel-pins and metallic miniprints !!


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