One-on-one with Antoine Dupont Issalys

Today Boneshaker presents you Antoine Dupont Issalys who contributed his wonderful art to the second volume of Encounters with the Imaginary ! Checkout Antoine’s website for more beautiful art !

What’s your background?

I pretty much was a very creative child and very quick took a liking to drawing. I’ve studied in graphic design for 3 years in college, but even then I knew that illustration was the thing I really wanted to do. I then took an illustration mentorship … and we’re back to present day! I’m currently a freelance fantasy illustrator with a focus on characters. Continue reading “One-on-one with Antoine Dupont Issalys”

One-on-one with Sarah Ricketts

Boneshaker Press is proud to introduce you to Sarah Ricketts a new Boneshaker artist from London contributing to the second volume of Encounters with the Imaginary. Check out Sarah on her website !

What’s your background?

My background is in animation, but I have been a bit of a creative chameleon. I started as a freelance 3D character animator, then shifted into an in house artist for an advertising agency. That encompassed lots of skills: 3D animation, motion graphics and 2D animation, storyboards, websites, web page takeovers, posters and print work. You name it, in the years I was with the agency, I done it! Now I am compositing full time. Continue reading “One-on-one with Sarah Ricketts”

One-on-one with Nyra Drakae

Boneshaker Press is happy to give you some one-on-one time with Nyra Drakae who is taking part in the second volume of Encounters with the Imaginary. Nyra lives in Melbourne, Australia checkout her website for more wonders from this talented artist !

What’s your background?

I moved around a lot as a kid and grew up mostly in rural areas of Australia. I moved to the city of Melbourne after graduating high school so that I’d have better education and social opportunities as there wasn’t much in my hometown. Melbourne is fantastic for creative people, art galleries, study and just all round fun things to do.

Continue reading “One-on-one with Nyra Drakae”