Art Tests and Opportunists

It’s taking great force of will for me not to name the company which just attempted to subject me to a seven-day long art test in order to work for them in a 100% unpaid capacity.

Great, great force of will.

I’m no proponent of accepting unpaid work. You should always be paid for your work. Arguments can be made regarding taking profit-sharing promises or what have you in lieu of actual pay, but I’m not going to comment on that just now.

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How to Get Better Without Drawing

What makes an artist better without the daily practice of drawing or painting? Is this something you think about? As creators, we always try to find that new tutorial, article, book, or even a blog post that will help improve our work. In the digital age, opportunities are endless with search results at our fingertips.

In the following post, I’ll share what I have learned from asking artists inside and outside of Boneshaker Press with the end goal to teach and inspire fellow creators to try new tips and tricks to advance their work.

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The Changing Role of Art School

Full disclosure before we begin: I’ve never been to art school. I came close, once, but I didn’t have the money or time to make it work. I’d already earned my bachelor’s degree, too, so I wasn’t entitled to financial aid or easy loans.

Noah Bradley says “The traditional approach is failing us. It’s time for a change” (Don’t Go to Art School). This is an opinion I’ve heard over and over again from artists of all levels.

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Why Artists Need Community, Even if You Hate Community (and I Know You Do)

We’ve all experienced struggles related to feelings of isolation. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a strong artistic network in our area. Or our loved ones can’t relate to our passion. Or we spend so much time inside of our own heads that we forget how to talk to other people. Whatever the reason, all artists feel alone from time to time.

Our most profound conversations often occur within our own mind. Think about it. We’ve all been there. There is nothing more isolating than stumbling upon the Most Important Thought Of Your Life, and having no one to share it with. It highlights our need for a receptive audience already engaged with the same ideas. Continue reading “Why Artists Need Community, Even if You Hate Community (and I Know You Do)”