Collaboration Works-in-Progress #2

We’ve teamed up to create collaborative paintings for the chapters of our artbook. Last week we saw some incredible work from Lisa and Kira. This week we get a look at some of the awesome ideas Matthew and Evan are preparing for us.

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Collaboration Works-in-Progress #1

It’s been awhile since we shared some in-process artwork and here is why: every participant is done with their illustration! But we’re not stopping here. Some of us have engaged in collaborations to illustrate the chapter headings of our artbook.

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Works-In-Progress, March 29th

While we have been working hard to get Boneshaker Press up and running, we have also been creating our illustrations for our collaborative art book!

Each of us has chosen a type of creature or spirit to illustrate. Some of us have started with character design sheets and played with silhouettes and shape language. Some have plunged right into the thumbnailing process, and others have begun with studies and sketches to get comfortable with our chosen subjects.

We’ve all been creatively exploring and brainstorming on how best to show our creatures, so we thought we’d share a bit of the preliminary work!

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