BsP Coloring Books presents: The Philadelphia Society of Gentlemen Magicians

ColoringBook Avatar.jpg

Ten of us here at Boneshaker Press have been working to bring this beautiful collection of illustrative coloring pages together. Scroll down for a few peaks inside the book, in which you’ll find a variety of 19th-century stage magicians, witches, magical comedy of manners, and all the accompanying spectacle we’ve come to expect from the Philadelphia Society of Gentlemen Magicians.

This collection is just the first of many from us here at Boneshaker Press, as we aim to push the coloring book status quo!

Check out our store page to download your copy today and print it at home!

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Community Thank You

We here at Boneshaker Press are near bursting with thanks for all the generosity and support that we’ve received on our Kickstarter these last few weeks. We’re feeling both humbled and eager to pass the sentiment along so we’re taking some time today to say “thank you” to some of the people who have helped us get here. The online art community is vast, and has been around for a long time now. It’s overflowing with incredible people devoted to their craft who are willing to share their time and knowledge with fellow artists looking to improve. Everyone involved in Encounters with the Imaginary has been touched by this community, and we’re very excited by the prospect of being a part of it in the future.

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