Encounters with the Imaginary vol 2 is on kickstarter

Encounters with the Imaginary vol 2 is now on kickstarter!  This book is an illustration and creative writing anthology inspired by the imaginary—from beloved myths, legends and folktales to new creatures and stories! The result is a fantastic body of work from each artist, created specifically for this volume.

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Welcome to Oz – Art Group Update #2

Today marks the start of a new challenge set for the Boneshaker Art Group: Visdev for The Wizard of Oz!

We’re going to spend the next six weeks building towards a final image that will serve as a product cover for a novel, game, comic, or whatever medium you choose as your end goal. While it’s possible to follow along on your own, we strongly urge you to consider joining us in the Facebook group so that you can see what everyone else is up to, and share your work throughout the process.

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