“Encounters with the Imaginary” Volume 3 Call For Artists!

 Applications are currently closed. Thank you for your interest!
We are getting ready to begin work on Volume 3 of Encounters with the Imaginary!

This is the first year we are opening the book up to submissions from new artists!

We’re very excited to see how the book has grown over last two years and for how it will grow into the future. We created the first volume in 2016 as a labor of love, to experiment and see what we as a group of peers could accomplish. Last year we invited some new artists to join us and were so thrilled to see, not only the beautiful work they created, but the excitement and enjoyment they had for the project. It went so well, that we decided to open up the project and share the experience with even more artists this year! Hopefully, it will be as rewarding for new artists as it has been for those of us who participated in previous years—and the book will continue to grow, improve and be something artists are proud to be a part of!

If you want to check out our previous 2 volumes—you can check out their Kickstarter pages where we shared a bunch of info on the books!

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With that said – what are we looking for? And what should you expect as a participating artist?

We are looking for artists with a strong sense of their own voice or style, who create illustrations that feature narrative and emotional scenes. We are looking for full color work, which, while it can feature strong graphic elements and line work, should read more as a painting than a drawing.

Each participating artist will have at least one illustrated story (4-6 pages) consisting of a piece of creative writing, a 12 x 9 inch illustration, and various small, supplementary illustrations.

The main illustration for your spreads will be a full-page 12 x 9 (landscape) painting. It must include an immersive environment with at least one full body of a figure. (Basically not characters on flat background or portraits, etc.)

You will also create a number of supplemental illustrations (number based on which templates you choose.) The main stipulation for the supplementary art is that they are finished pieces that tie back to the theme and character of the main illustration. They could be a portrait of the main character, a new scene featuring that character, or an exploration of a detail from the story. You will also be writing a short (very short!) story that accompanies your art and features the characters from your illustration.

We will also need a short bio and artist photo.

What will you be painting?

What you decide to paint or write is up to you! We ask each artist to choose an imaginary creature to do their series of art and writing about. It could be a well-known fantastical creature (like a dragon, mermaid or sphinx), or a character from mythology (like Medusa or Loki or something less known even!) or it could be a creature you imagine yourself. It cannot be from a copyrighted IP however. For instance, you could paint your own version of Loki from Norse mythology, but you cannot paint Loki from the Marvel franchise.

There will be a group document where each artist can write what they are planning to paint, so you can compare ideas and have the chance to pick something else in case, for example, 3 people all decide to do werewolves and you’d rather pick something that is not going to be a repeat. We want to provide artists a lot of creative freedom to create a series of work they are proud of, that plays to their strengths, that they are emotionally connected to and will maybe use in their portfolios and future projects. There will be optional critique sessions along the way, for artists to give each other feedback and critique and hopefully push each other even further ahead with each piece.

Applications are currently closed. Thank you for your interest!

Applications close on March 1st, 2018 and we will let applicants know by March 8th, 2018 who has been selected for the book. We will inform all applicants whether they have been selected or not, though we cannot give individual critiques or specific reasons for not being selected to individual artists. We will also have a very short list of artists ‘on standby’ to fill in for artists that may need to leave the project.