• Carolyn ArcabascioCarolyn Arcabascio
      Location: New Hampshire, United States
      Website, Twitter
      Carolyn Arcabascio is a writer and illustrator. At age 8, she somehow scored an electric typewriter and penned her first book of illustrated poetry. She kept on writing and drawing stories until she eventually earned a BFA from the University of Massachusetts, and now she’s one-fourth of the creative team at Morning Noon & Night Productions. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two high-maintenance terriers.
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    • Sara Burke
      Location: California, United States
      California born and raised, Sara Burke loves bright colors and dramatic movement in art. While she’s been making colorful illustrations for years, she just recently started dying her hair all rainbow (it’s an artist thing). She finds inspiration from classic novels, modern film and everything in between. She loves to make her characters look like they are bursting with energy and movement. She is constantly on the go herself, so it makes sense that her artwork follows this as well. When she is not drawing, she’s probably making cosplay costumes or playing video games. What a nerd!
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    • Dominick Carachilo
      Location: Texas, United States
      Website, Twitter, Instagram
      Dominick loves art. He has loved it his whole life. He loves that, every day, with every mark he puts on the page, he is a little better than he was before. Artistically, he couldn’t do half of what he can do now 5 years ago, and he can’t wait to see where he is in 5 more years time.
      Dominick majored in Art at Penn State University where he studied a variety of artistic mediums before deciding to focus on digital media. After graduating he continued his studies through Oatley Academy, completing both Jenn Ely’s mentorship program and Painting Drama 1. Currently he works as a freelance illustrator residing in Austin, Texas.
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    • Melissa Dow
      Location: Oregon, United States
      Melissa is an illustrator and visual development artist living in Portland, Oregon who in her younger years wanted to be a doctor or work for the FBI; she ended up doing neither. After graduating with a BFA in Illustration from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, she spent some time searching for the right path to scratch her creative itch. In late 2014, she buckled down and renewed her artistic focus, honing her personal style and visual voice towards freelance and independent creation. She has discovered an amazing community of likeminded artists in the process, and is incredibly grateful to be in such talented company. She loves drawing and painting equally, and would say that whatever her visual style is, it’s ’pretty boxy’.
      A chronic insomniac, Melissa also harbors shameless obsessions with anti-heroes, urban decay, the color orange, and pretty much everything weird and creepy. Somewhere deep down she’s a hopeless romantic, but don’t tell anyone that.
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    • Matthew
      Matthew Gilson
      Location: Ohio, United States
      Website, Twitter, Instagram
      Having a father who insisted for his children to watch shows such as, Tales From the Crypt, The Twilight Zone and The X-Files at an early age, Matthew Gilson grew a special place in his heart for horror, fantasy and sci-fi. With a traditional and online education background, Gilson has sharpened his skills and become much more confident in his work. Gilson now surrounds himself every day with other artists. While he continues to work on both freelance and on site projects to further accelerate his career and future.
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    • Ryan James
      Location: Trinidad and Tobago
      Website, Facebook
      Ryan is from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and aside from enjoying sun, sea, and sand, he enjoys video games, movies, and comics and in his downtime it isn’t uncommon to see him drawing fan art for fun. He is also very interested in psychology and understanding how the human mind works. Ryan has the advantageous affliction of constantly feeling the need to improve, no matter how beautiful what he created turns out. It is this feeling that drives him to passionately seek improvement and now he looks back on his previous art fondly, rather than in harsh judgement to see how well his ‘affliction’ serves him.
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    • Nick Jizba
      Location: Nebraska, United States
      Website, Facebook
      Nick is an artist passionate about taking people to strange new worlds. He is heavily influenced by the sci-fi and fantasy novels he reads and the camping trips he has been on across the western United States. He’s a graphic designer, a freelance illustrator, and you can find him selling his work at conventions across the Great Plains.
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    • David Joyce
      Location: Alberta, Canada
      David is an illustrator with a deep love of comics, mythology, and gaming of all kinds. He graduated with honors from the Alberta College of Art & Design and has been pursuing further educational experiences ever since. He’s a published comics artist and illustrator, who is now hard at work illustrating an independent tabletop RPG, producing the art for (and co-designing the gameplay of) a mobile game, and putting together a new comic. All this from his studio in Calgary where he lives with his wonderful wife, ridiculously adorable son, and two occasionally intelligent cats.
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    • Sydni Kruger
      Location: Arizona, United States
      Website, Twitter, Instagram
      Sydni began her artistic journey at age 14 as the apprentice of a traditional oil painter. She later earned a degree in fine arts from ASU, where she tried outlandish art forms such as painting with hot wax. Since then, she has been reinventing herself as an illustrator and teller of stories. She’s gained experience as a children’s book illustrator and character designer, and is excited for what opportunities may lie ahead.

    • Jeszika Le Vye
      Location: Pennsylvania, United States
      Website, Twitter, ArtStation
      Jeszika suffers from an excessive amount of curiosity that only grows if you feed it. As an avid book collector, her home is a constant warzone between paintings and bookshelves competing for wall space. For over ten years she was a fine art oil painter who was trying desperately to not be an illustrator. It wasn’t until after years of reproducing paintings by Waterhouse and Casper, that she realized her distinction between fine art and illustration was much blurrier than she thought. Now, as an Imaginative Realist painter, she has given herself permission to paint what she loves — ideas and stories. These days she is happily buried in her books and paints.
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    • Lisa Lindsay
      Location: Alberta, Canada
      Website, Facebook, Tumblr
      Lisa is a professional game artist and illustrator with over seven years of experience working in the video game industry. She has contributed to over 16 shipped titles including: StarForge, Office Jerk and Atari’s Asteroids Gunner. She also really enjoys participating in global game jams.
      In her spare time Lisa works on her own personal projects, including a comic about women in Mexican wrestling. She paints Ukrainian eggs, is learning to blow glass and has developed yo-yoing skills. Lisa loves playing board games and video games, especially those with lots of puzzles or strange experiences.

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  • Linda Lithén
    Location: Sweden
    WebsiteDeviantArt, Twitter
    Linda began her stumble down the artistic road with drawing on the walls, but these days she prefers a sketchbook or digital canvas. She spends most of her waking hours creating fantasy art, but also tries to make the time to soak up inspiration from books, history and games—well, that and falling down the rabbit hole of browsing museum collections online.
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  • Cassandra Mazur
    Location: Illinois, United States
    Website, Tumblr
    Cassandra once wrote a letter to Bill Clinton, not only expressing her love for unicorns and mac & cheese, but her desire to become an artist. She was six. Some things haven’t changed since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her favorite fictional creature is still the unicorn and her primary preoccupation remains drawing and painting. These days she also extends her interests to storytelling and writing, where she channels all of her weird ideas into art. As a self-proclaimed art-nerd, Cassandra has aspirations of turning these passions into a full-time gig as a visual development artist for animation. This is her first time channeling her ideas into a collaborative art anthology.
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  • Garrett McGill
    Location: Kentucky, United States
    Website, Facebook, Twitter
    Growing up as an old soul in a young body, Garrett McGill has been un-hip since before it was cool. With all of the excess time alone afforded by being a huge nerd, he began drawing at age 5 and hasn’t stopped since. In the intervening years Garrett pursued an art career as a freelance illustrator, designer, comic artist and quip-maker for architecture firms, the Disney Parks Blog, Louisville Magazine and others. After finally getting over his extreme shyness, he joined with other passionate artists in collaborating and contributing to a number of groups. His most recent escapades are with the indie artist startup, Boneshaker Press. Garrett’s crimes include an unrelenting compulsion to make puns, do bad impersonations, bore people to death with animation trivia, play voice-actor bingo, engage in self-effacement and frequently quote “Center Stage”.
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  • Magali Mebsout
    Location: Essonne, France
    Website, Facebook, Deviantart
    Growing up on an island had two effects on Magali: she loves swimming and is crazy about the ocean. While studying and working as a Biology and Software Engineering, art has always been a significant part of her life. When she wasn’t swimming, she was taking art classes as a child and joined art organizations throughout her studies. During her recent stay in The US she got the opportunity to focus on her art and collaborate with other artists. Since she loves to learn in general she is continuously improving her craft though research and practice.
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  • André Meister
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Philosophy, irony and epic stories. Everybody looks for singular treats in their work. André’s passion lies in those three, not necessarily in that order. A big fan of Joseph Campbell and a sucker for great stories, the decision of becoming an illustrator came from the urge to bring the same influence he had growing up. That stories can change and help people grow as people.
    Since his start about ten years ago, he has worked with several media, including games, advertisement, magazines, comics, having the opportunity to deal with clients like Coca-cola and also having spare time to deal with personal projects.
    As said, stories play a big part in his life. The decision to work as an artist came when he met a fellow artist in Japan ten years ago, who, after a quick conversation, made him realize that good work can come from anywhere, but fantastic work has to come from the heart.
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  • bio image 2Sarah Mills
    Location: North Carolina, United States
    Sarah is a serial plant collector, dog lover, and artist last sighted somewhere in North Carolina. Best known for mild-to-moderately informed opinions on Literally Everything. Cursed by an overabundance of enthusiasm and curiosity, she’s thus far adopted every single stray hobby that’s bothered to follow her home.
  • Sarah picked up digital painting in her early teen years, and has yet to kick the habit. She is definitely not cool enough for the title “creative mercenary” but it pretty much sums up her willingness to pick up any skill required to do the job. She thrives on learning and exploring related skillsets and has spent most of her career as the “go-to artist” to solve any given creative need. In her off-time all she does is draw Pokemon.

  • Kristen Schwartz
    Location: California, United States
    Website, children’s publishing blog, personal project
    Kristen grew up in her mom’s art gallery surrounded by both fine and commercial artists every day after school. As she did her homework—art, mayhem and expert storytelling swirled around her and combined with her studies. It was no surprise she became an illustrator and graphic designer, but she also studied botanical medicine which lead to designing, writing and illustrating for exhibits which chronicled the historic world uses of medicinal plants through story. These days she is an illustrator, web designer and book designer pursuing an illustration career in children’s publishing.
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  • Kira Slaght
    Location: Minnesota, United States
    Website, Tumblr, Instagram
    When she was young, Kira had aspirations to be either a mech pilot or a marine biologist. Though both of these career paths were equally sensible, she found that drawing was the one thing she consistently enjoyed more than science or robot daydreams. After not studying art in college, she took a detour: working a web design day job while making art in the evenings. Kira took the plunge mid-2015 to devote all of her time to making art and studying how to make that art better! She currently spends her days drawing and developing a yet-unnamed personal project.
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  • Karlen Tam
    Location: New York, United States
    Website, Twitter
    Art is something Karlen has always gravitated towards, even at a very young age. When she was a child she collected many how-to-draw books of animals, her favorite cartoon and video game characters—those ones that break down a drawing into an arrangement of ovals and lines. Karlen drew from those books and got to a point where she was suspected of tracing because people she showed her drawings to did not want to believe the lines and circles could actually turn into something. She then started to draw from observation and imagination things that were not in the books and has not stopped since.
    This drive Karlen has to create has brought her to digital painting, 3D-modeling, animation and game development. She has worked on original concepts and built models for imaginary worlds. Recently, fairy tales and myths have found their way into Karlen’s artwork which led her to creating an art book about Japanese folktales. She is so grateful that this journey as an artist has led her to collaborate with these awesome artists to explore and create even more legendary creatures and spirits.
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  • Evan Winston
    Location: California, United States
    Website, Facebook, Twitter
    Evan takes the term “generalist” to a cartoon-ish extreme. Despite a background in…many many things, he attributes any success to six years in professional cooking and a penchant for delusions of grandeur. The need to illustrate is one with which he became familiar at an extremely young age, before losing his way into alternative endeavors which made him decidedly less than happy. Evan hopes to engage, engage, engage with an audience and deliver to them resonant experiences in visual storytelling. Evan’s favorites include, but are not exclusive to, greyhounds, winter, pears, Macallan, shortbread, and Dune.
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