Announcing Dragon Bones: A Boneshaker Press Sketchbook!

Filled with inspiration to breathe fiery new life into your stories, designs, and illustrations, Dragon Bones is the next project coming from Boneshaker Press. Set to launch as a digital release in Spring 2017, with print versions available at select conventions throughout North America, Dragon Bones brings together a handful of us from BsP to explore the mythology and design of dragons through traditional illustrations.

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How to Get Better Without Drawing

What makes an artist better without the daily practice of drawing or painting? Is this something you think about? As creators, we always try to find that new tutorial, article, book, or even a blog post that will help improve our work. In the digital age, opportunities are endless with search results at our fingertips.

In the following post, I’ll share what I have learned from asking artists inside and outside of Boneshaker Press with the end goal to teach and inspire fellow creators to try new tips and tricks to advance their work.

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